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MS Financial Engineering
Stevens Institute of Technology 21'

BSE Civil & Environmental Engineering
Princeton University '17

21.01.18 My research on Long/Short Global Macro Strategies was just released. For more details, visit the project page.
20.12.30 My research on Interest Rate prediction using NLP methods was just released. For more details, visit the project page.
20.12.29 My research on Genetic Neural Networks was just released. For more details, visit the project page.

My career has followed a path of evolution. After receiving a BSE in Civil & Environmental Engineering and a Minor in Architecture & Engineering at Princeton, I engaged in several exciting independent and international projects in engineering design. Assignments included research prototypes and presentations for New York's Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum and the Holon Design Museum in Tel Aviv, research publications in Hong Kong, and quantitative simulations for industrial city plans in Saudi Arabia.

Now that I enrolled in Financial Engineering at Stevens, I am building a strong fundamental knowledge of financial theory and adapting my quantitative skillset through mathematical, computational and statistical training with a focus in Applied and Quantitative Finance.

The same equations of Elastic Theory that are used to analyze a floor slab on a skyscraper apply in Financial Market modeling, a mind-bending fact that motivated me to further explore the field.

My skills:
Python, Machine Learning, Portfolio Optimization, Algorithmic Trading Strategies, Time Series Forecasting, Credit Risk Modeling

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